These cards are wonderful for figuring out one's path with philanthropic or investing capital. I love sorting through them myself as a way to reconnect with the issues that are important to me, and I love using them with clients who light up when they come across cards that resonate with their goals and their core values. I highly recommend these decks for families and individuals on the path to aligning their assets with their values. ~ Kristin Hull, Nia Impact Capital

Purchase more and save!

  • Save 10% on 2 packs
  • Save 15% on 3 packs
  • Save 20% on 4 packs
  • Save 25% on 5 packs
  • Save 30% on 6 or more packs

Why buy Reweaving Wealth - and why multiple packs?

The ReWeaving Wealth system uses impartial prompts and suggestions to help you think through exactly how you want to create positive change with your wealth. It’s a powerful tool when used alone: it can help clarify your thinking, identify priorities, and enable guided reflection. And it’s even more helpful in a group setting. With the benefit of multiple packs, each participant can review their own deck of cards, making choices autonomously. Individuals can then compare, discuss, and strategize. This can facilitate a quick route to distill options and take action as a group.


Which packs or combinations should I buy?

We recommend the Principal Pack as a starting point, whether you’re an individual, a family unit, or group. And if you’re looking for input from others, an additional Contributor Pack is recommended—ideally for each additional group member. We offer discounts for all multiple Principal or Contributor Pack purchase orders: save 10% when you purchase 2 of the same Packs, 15% on 3, 20% on 4, 25% on 5, and save 30% when you buy 6 or more.

We also now offer the option of the Family Pack, which empowers you and your family group to explore priorities together, after initially selecting them autonomously. The Family Pack brings you three Packs for the price of just one—so that a wide circle of group members can come together, at different levels of involvement.

The Family Pack gives you a selection of resources so that the people you care about can contribute to the conversation at a variety of levels. In the Family Pack, you’ll receive a full Principal Pack (the whole 5-card-deck system, complete with a high-level Guidebook), a full Contributor Pack (5 card decks with a Guidebooklet and an Action Plan Map), PLUS 6 Focus Sets. Each Focus Set contains just the Values deck and the Concerns deck: perfect for anyone in your family who would like to share their priorities in those areas. You can then purchase additional Packs as needed, using the discounts noted above.

Whichever combination you choose, you can return to these cards again and again to help navigate complex conversations and find new routes to be of service for a cleaner, greener, more inclusive world for everyone.